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400W In Motion Harness with optional outlet by Redside Electric

400W In Motion Harness with optional outlet by Redside Electric

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** Estimated Re-stock date: 5/31/2023 ** 

Time to take your existing Tacoma 110V outlet to the next level! This is by far the best, the cheapest and the easiest Toyota Tacoma inverter upgrade you can make! Offered not only as an inverter upgrade but also as a Toyota Tacoma power outlet kit to add an additional in-cab outlet!

--This product only works if you have a pre-existing Tacoma power outlet in bed of your truck--

Developed by Redside Electric & Guild Outfitters to fit the 3rd Gen Tacoma, 2nd Gen Tacoma, 5th Gen 4Runner, and Lexus GX this awesome harness allows you to access your factory inverter at 400W while the truck is in motion instead of it kicking down to 100W.  The mod is completely plug-and-play and can be installed in as little as 10 minutes if you know how to take apart the shifter area where the inverter is located. This is ideal for people that run fridges in the back of their truck or charge other accessories. AND because its plug-and-play you still control it all using your stock Toyota Tacoma 400W ac120v 100W button!

Attached to the harness is a custom to Guild Outfitters  new 40” extension that is intended to be plugged directly into an (optional) additional factory outlet you can install in the cab. We chose to update again to an extended 40” length so the plug can be placed in the lower center dash replacing your cigarette lighter or front side of the console (these options all require cutting).

Guild Outfitters will also sell the Toyota OEM p/n 85530-35050-C0 - as an optional bundle kit with the Harness. To install the OEM plug will require cutting a small rectangle where you intend to put the new outlet. This is great as it allows you to have a 3-prong outlet in the cab where it's more useful. Ideal for charging laptops and other fragile equipment you don't want to charge in the bed of the truck.

Check out or install video on YouTube!

If you have questions on install please checkout our Tacoma World posts or email us at and we can help coordinate the expert installers advice for your questions. 

*** CANADIAN CUSTOMS NOTICE *** please be aware if you reside in Canada and purchase this product that customs charges will be added to the shipping by request of the carrier and could range up to $59 CAD due to the electrical nature of this product. 


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