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Quick Release Thumb Screws V1.0 (4 pack)

Quick Release Thumb Screws V1.0 (4 pack)

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Swap your stock bolts with Quick Release Thumb Screws that allow you to remove your bars without any tools!

These thumbscrews are custom machined in Ohio from high quality stainless steel.  These aren't cheap plastic like the other guys!

These are only compatible with TRUKD v1.0 Bed Racks.  Not Compatible with V2.0.


It's pretty simple, just remove your standard bolt, flat washer, and lock washer, but leave the nylon shoulder bushing in place and screw in your thumbscrew.  We recommend a small dab of non permanent thread lock on the screw threads to prevent any unwanted movement on the trail.

Note that the TRUKD XL rack requires 8 total Thumb Screws to be fully removable. 

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