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2016-2023 Toyota Tacoma Mirror Mount Rock Light (Diode Dynamics)

2016-2023 Toyota Tacoma Mirror Mount Rock Light (Diode Dynamics)

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Wiring Harness
Rock Light Style

Mirror Mount Rock Lights are here!


  • Rock light housing replaces original mirror access cover
    • Direct bolt in replacement
    • UV-Resistant coating to prevent color fade
  • 10-watt, 1000 lumen peak output each
  • Interchangeable lenses for quick color swap
  • Dual function, low and high power modes
    • Low power used for puddle light (Illumination when unlocking or opening door of vehicle) when using the Revv Engr plug and play wiring harness
  • Thick, durable lenses, engineered to spread light
  • Engineered and Assembled in USA

What's Included

  • Two (2) Revv Engineering mirror mount light housings
  • Two (2) Stage Series Rock Lights
  • One (1) 1M Extension
  • One (1) 3M Extension
  • One (1) Splitter
  • Two (2) Standard hardware mounting kits
  • Six (6) Zip ties

Included with "Plug and Play" Wiring Harnesses

  • High power switch input
    • OEM style push button switch (tall or short style depending on blank availability in dash) or
    • Wire connector for customer supplied +12V power input (switch NOT included). 
  • Plug and play wiring harness
    • T-harness for seamlessly tying into OE wiring
    • Fused add-a-circuit
    • Grounding wire and eyelet (uses OE grounding location)
    • Y-splitter for connecting driver and passenger rock lights
    • Relay for triggering low power light when unlocking or opening the doors
  • Fuse box cover extension


Whether you're a rock crawling, prerunning, joy riding down fire roads, building camp, or just want to watch your step when entering your vehicle at night, you're going to want our Tacoma mirror mount rock lights. 

The high power function is perfect for illuminating obstacles to your sides. Easily see those pesky boulders at night before they put more scratches into your rock sliders, or worse... into your thin sheet metal cab. They can also be used when you're straddling a ravine at night and don't want to let a tire slip in, take a peak out of the window and see the ground as it truly is. 

The low power function can be used as a puddle light for entering or exiting your truck, so you don't accidentally step in something you'd rather not. Bright enough that it illuminates the sides of your truck so you'll be able to clearly see anything or anybody that shouldn't be that close to your vehicle. 

Wiring options

  • Wiring harness not included. When you purchase the mirror mount rock light kit without a wiring harness, you still get the extension wires and splitters to wire the lights yourself. Whether this is to a new switch, or an existing switch panel such as a switch pros. The extensions get your wires through the doors and into the cab and under the footwell of your choosing. 
  • Revv Engineering plug and play wiring harness (OEM Style Switch). Our wiring kit has everything you need to get your lights installed and working in an easy package. Using a blank slot in the switch panel on the left side of your steering wheel, we use an OEM style switch to trigger the high power function of the rock lights. The switch is also tied into your OEM wiring with a T-harness so that the backlighting of the switch turns on as normal and the low power function of the rock lights will be used as a puddle light when unlocking the vehicle, opening the door, or turning your cargo light all the way on. Verify you have the corresponding blank in your switch panel on the left side of your steering wheel before purchasing. If you do not have a cargo light switch, the wiring will still be there but you may need to install the OEM relay in its holder. Please reach out to us if you have questions. 
  • Revv Engineering plug and play wiring harness (Customer Supplied Switch Input). If you have your own custom switch (not OEM style) or switch panel such as a Switch Pros, AUX Beam, Garmin, or sPod controller. Please select this option for the wiring harness so you can connect your own +12V power in to the harness to complete installation. This harness allows for the same low power light (puddle light) feature as the other plug and play harness but doesn't require taking up an OEM switch slot.

RGB controller requirement. If you're getting the RGB style lights, you will also need to the correct wiring harness and controller. Either tying into your existing diode dynamics RGB system, or purchased the controller and universal wiring harness with your kit HERE. This option is NOT a plug and play solution and will require some custom wiring. 


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