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Flange Socket Adaptors

Flange Socket Adaptors

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Flange Socket - Converts 20mm arm end to accommodate 1" ball

This flange socket easily allows our arms to accept 1" (25mm) balls to work with other mounting systems.

If you have a 3rd party device holder which uses a 1" ball size, this is the missing component you need to seamlessly connect it to your Bulletpoint setup.

Simply attach this 1 inch flange socket to any of our mounting arms by loosening the integrated thumbscrew. This flange socket will replace the existing 20mm flange socket on any Bulletpoint mounting arm.

Discounted Multi-Packs

Grab our 2-pack or 4-pack to save even more!

20mm Flange Socket to 25mm (1 Inch) Ball Adapter

This socket ball may be used to transform any of our fixed 20mm balls to a 1” machined aluminum ball. Once converted, the 1” ball can be used with third party arms designed for 1” ball mounts.

Like all of our 20mm ball mount products, this adapter provides almost infinite adjustability thanks to the integrated thumbscrew and includes the Bulletpoint Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Metal Attachment Plate with 20mm Ball for Tablet Mount

Metal upgrade component for our Tablet Mount. This piece is designed to be installed on the rear of our tablet holder and features an integrated 20mm ball.

This is NOT an AMPS mounting ball and is NOT designed to mount to our RubiGrid bases.

1/4"-20 Aluminum Camera Adapter with Integrated 20mm Ball

The integrated 20mm mounting ball is compatible with any of our mounting arms with 20mm sockets

This adapter features the popular 1/4"-20 thread found on most tripods and fits into the bottom of most cameras.

This adaptor is also compatible with certain backup cameras and is the missing piece to securely mount your camera to your Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions setup.

NOTE: We offer both male and female versions depending on your mounting needs. Make your selection in the dropdown menu.

Aluminum Attachment Coupler - Pair

Our aluminum attachment screw device allows you to connect your carbon fiber/Kevlar arms quickly and easily to any 20mm ball mount. Includes two sets (one for each end of the arm).

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