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Truck Bed Air Mattress | 5ft Bed For Mid-Sized 5-Foot Truck Beds

Truck Bed Air Mattress | 5ft Bed For Mid-Sized 5-Foot Truck Beds

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Your truck is rugged, reliable, and built for the backroads–your truck mattress should be, too. Easy to set up and a dream to snooze on, the ultra-tough, ultra-comfy Truck Bed Air Mattress will revolutionize your life on the dirt road. Purposefully designed to fit the beds of mid-size short-bed trucks. 1-Year Warranty Included. Patent Pending.
  • This mattress isn’t a rectangle for a reason. Our engineers factor wheel wells into the design, ensuring compatibility with most mid-size short-bed (5’) trucks.
  • Engineered from premium materials to be as rugged as your rig—our TitanTUFF™ fabric is an extremely durable, waterproof, 300-denier nylon.
  • Elevates your sleep setup out of the dirt, off uneven ground, and away from critters.
  • Comfortably sleeps two campers up to 6'7" tall with Tailgate Buddies.
  • Solo campers can inflate one half of the mattress, leaving more room for gear.
  • Dual-chambered design enables each sleeper to fine-tune firmness for personalized comfort.
  • Simple setup, even in the dark. Included rechargeable air pump inflates mattress in minutes.
  • Comes with a standard Luno one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

    • Size: Fits 2 campers up to 6'7" tall with included Tailgate Buddies
    • Setup Time: 3 minutes with included pump
    • Material: TitanTUFF™, an exceptionally durable, waterproof, 300D nylon. 
    • Packed Size: 10" x 22" bag
    • Inflated Height: 4in
    • Weight Limit: 300 lbs per side



    Each Truck Bed Air Mattress comes with a pair of Tailgate Buddies. These easy-to-use inflatable cubes are crafted from the same ultra-tough fabric as the mattress and snap in place in seconds. Their main purpose is to extend mattress length to 6'7", increasing comfort for taller sleepers. However, Tailgate Buddies can also be used as seats or pillows around camp, too

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