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Device Holders

Device Holders

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Device Holder

Phone Holders, Tablet Holders, Radio Holders and more.

Tablet Holder:

Our tablet car mount is adjustable, expands from 4.5" to 8.5" and fits all the popular tablets up to 0.5" thick including the Apple iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air and Samsung Tablets. Upgrade your tablet without having to upgrade your mount.

Universal Mounts:

  • Spring-loaded mechanism provides a secure grip on your device 
  • Rubber pads on the 2 sides and back side provide a grippy surface to prevent any slippage over rough terrain
  • 20mm mounting ball on the back for easy attachment to our Carbon Fiber + Kevlar Mounting Arms (sold separately)

*Standard size holds phones up to 3.4" wide and 0.5" thick.*

*XL mout holds phone that measure between 3.3 and 4 inches in overall width with the case installed. Our standard universal phone holder is often the best choice even for larger phones such as the Pro Max models with a basic case,*

DiabloM6 Magnetic Phone Mount

Our DiabloM6 Magnetic Phone Holder is our most convenient, most compact solution for those who are constantly on the go.

*Our DiabloM6 magnetic phone mount requires a thin metal plate affixed to the back of your phone. Please note that this also prevents Wireless Charging*

Bulletpoint MagSafe Compatible Phone Holder

This magnetic phone mount takes advantage of the built-in MagSafe magnets already found in your MagSafe compatible phone/case to provide a strong and secure connection.

Even if your phone is not MagSafe-equipped, we include 2 metal rings that you may stick to the back of your phone / phone case in order to use this phone holder.

CB Radio Holder with 20MM ball

10-4! Our CB holder with a 20mm ball attaches to any of our Carbon Fiber/Kevlar arms to keep your CB Radio microphone handy while out on the trail.

Please note - we recommend pairing our CB Holder with our 1cm, 4cm or 7cm mounting arms. Anything longer will put too much stress on the ball joints, especially if positioned horizontally.

Bulletpoint Wireless Phone Charger with Motorized Cradle

The Bulletpoint Wireless Phone Charger with Motorized Cradle is designed to provide the ultimate mount-and-go experience with a little extra holding power.

Bulletpoint MagSafe Compatible Wireless Phone Charger

The much anticipated Bulletpoint MagSafe-Compatible Wireless Phone Charger is designed to provide the ultimate mount-and-go experience. Lightning fast magnetic attachment and wireless charging all in one!

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