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RubiGrid® 2010-2023 Toyota 4Runner Dash Mount Phone + Device Holder (5th Gen 4Runner)

RubiGrid® 2010-2023 Toyota 4Runner Dash Mount Phone + Device Holder (5th Gen 4Runner)

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Customize your Command Center with the Ultimate 5th Gen 4Runner Dash Mount

If you're looking to securely mount multiple devices in your 4Runner exactly where you want them, this is it.

Our RubiGrid® 4Runner Dash Mount installs on the bezel above your radio. It's perfectly positioned above your radio without obstructing your view of the road or blocking your air vents. Your devices are always within reach when you need them.



RubiGrid® is a fully modular dash mounting platform that uses AMPS mounting balls.

Mount multiple devices and easily change the configuration and location of your mounting balls to dial in your perfect setup.

Whether you need to mount phones, tablets, action cameras or radios, RubiGrid® can handle it.

In fact, RubiGrid® for the 5th Gen 4Runner can mount up to 7 devices!

Our RubiGrid® dash platform is capable of securely mounting multiple devices and is compatible with both our AMPS Mounting Balls as well as 3rd party AMPS mounts.

Recommended Mounting Arm Length for the 4Runner RubiGrid®: 1cm Mounting Arm


Installation requires the removal of the radio as well as AC controls and the drilling of 4 small holes in the radio bezel. This ensures a rock solid installation in your 4Runner with the ability to easily support multiple devices.

All required installation hardware is included. You will need a 9mm wrench, ratchet with 10mm socket and a drill. We recommend the use of painters tape and a pen or anything to mark hole locations.

This product is backed by an industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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