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Base Panel for 4 Short Switch Locations (Tacoma Access Cab)

Base Panel for 4 Short Switch Locations (Tacoma Access Cab)

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The Guild Outfitters, GO-001-B, Left Base Switch Panel fits the 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma allowing for a modular addition of switches while maintaining an original like look in your vehicle. This panel is designed for the Access Cab and has the following switch openings:

Bottom: 3 - Short ("Square") style switches. (Note: the rear window switch will also fit in the bottom middle as an alternative option).

Top: modular insert opening for either the Auxbeam 8 button controller, or one of our modular insert options (sold separately), and 1 - Short ("Square") style switch in the top right.

The Base Switch Panel kit also includes 1 trim removal tool for easy installation.

*Switches, Modular Inserts, and Switch Blanks are not included. Only the Base Switch Panel is included.*

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This is where it all started! Our 3rd gen Toyota Tacoma switch panel really got the ball rolling for Guild Outfitters. With our innovative design we managed to keep a look that screams Toyota factory style switches all while increasing the functionality of the limited factory switch panel. Our replacement panel takes the place of the existing Tacoma cubby switch panel and allows you an industry leading level of customization, so whether you want to add a Tacoma push switch, a Tacoma rocker switch, or any number of combinations of any Tacoma switches, we've got the 3rd gen Tacoma solution for you!