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Taco Extended Fuse Cover

Taco Extended Fuse Cover

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To assist adding accessory power taps off the fuse box, our extended fuse cover replaced the original cover that no longer fits and would leave your fuses exposed. Our Guild Outfitters extended height cover solves this issue and features a large Guild Outfitters flag release lever making it easier than the original to put on and off your Tacoma. 

This fits all 2016+ Toyota Tacomas and the cover clears all "add-a-tap" fuse holders and features 4 knockout channels on the exterior side lined up to the most commonly tapped fuses and 1 on the interior side so you can choose where you want your wire exiting. Our color coded Fuse label closely matches fuse colors. Each of our covers comes with four stickers, identify the one that matches your factory fuse cover and apply based on model. 

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