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Switch Illumination Harnesses

Switch Illumination Harnesses

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Daisy Chain Harness from Redside Electric

For Toyota "Push Style" Switches (Large & Small)

Avoid splicing into your factory wiring to get those switches working! We have a solution!

Using OEM Switches for your Custom Panel? 

If you are using more than one aftermarket switch in your panel build and want to illuminate them, order our daisy chain harness to expand the illumination to an additional switch. You can add or remove daisy chains at any point now or when you add your next light. The designer of this partner product safely illuminated 7 switches using a base harness + 6 daisy chains without issue. However, this is the recommended limit for this system from its manufacturer. 

How does plug & play switch illumination work?

Simply plug the white harness connectors into the intended location, attach the green connector to your new switch, and finish the install by wiring the remaining 2 wires following the switch manufacturer’s wiring diagram (out to the accessory relay & to a 12V source). For complete installation instructions, please see the Redside Electric’s partner video attached.



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